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    Company profile

    Zhejiang Qimei Commodities Co., Ltd.,(the former Hangzhou Qimei non-woven products Co., Ltd.) was established in 2002. It is now located in Haining City Hangzhou Economic Development Zone, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province .Qimei has been transmitting the brand quality for more than 15 years, with the guarantee of its strict requirment in quality and a modernised management mode. Qimei specializes in the production scale and technology R & D of non-woven products,and is a leading supplier in domestic wet wipes industry. Since the foundation,we have been providing effective product solutions and production support services for OEM&ODM to many huge international enterprises in European countries like(the UK, France,Greece, Switzerland etc.), Australia,South Afica and so on. Our company’s workshops and product reach the national standard / EU certification.?

    Qimei covers an area of 30 acres, with more than 200 employees and convenient transportation. The workshop area is about 7000 square meters with advanced equipment and technology. Wet wipes are the company's leading products; We professionally produce cleaning materials, high-end cosmetc hygiene materials and many other non-woven fabric products. We have a Zhejiang Provincal leading 100,000 grade standard of full closed aseptic purification workshops , EDI ultra pure water treatment facilities, and a number of high-quality professional wipes technicians and new products R&D technical teams, which has laid the solid foundation for the production of wet wipes in high hygiene standard.
    Besides,our company has a strict requirement in quality. To guarantee the product quality, our products will have to get through an inspection from the health department of Zhejiang Province, the provincial health center, and the provincial Health Supervision Institute,and be in full compliance with national products standards "Hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products”. The company passed the European retail license and BRC authetication, ISO22716 (GMPC), ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, which lays a solid foundation for our production in the European market.?
    Our company always adhere to the quality policy unswervingly "with stable quality, to meet customer’s demands; With everlasting improvement, to shape the international fame". The technology R & D will closely follow the steps of international markets,contending for the market with competitive products , setting up brand with leading products, developing a distance from othe competitors in the same industry with feature products to walk in the forefront of the nonwoven fabric industry.

    Organizational structure

    Corporate Culture

    Enterprise purpose

    Supply service to customers
    Supply service to staff
    Supply service to society

    Core values


    Enterprise spirits

    Hard-working and prosperous
    Innovative and powerful

    Business philosophy

    Be honest in business
    Be helpful to society

    Management philosophy

    High efficiency

    Company's Honor

    In 2015 through the certification

    In 2015 through the certification

    In 2013 through the certification

    In 2008 through the certification

    In 2007 through the certification

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