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    November 01, 2015

    Baby wipes are easy to use, clean and sanitary, many parents are used to love the baby towel to wipe my ass. But baby's delicate skin susceptible to stimulation, market of baby wipes are different brands, the parents of the how to from choose the most suitable for the baby no irritation to the safety and health of the baby wipes?
    Details: pay attention to baby wipes ingredients
    Composition determines the quality of baby wipes. In order to achieve products need moisturizing, nourishing, sterilization effect, the brand wet wipes added ingredients are different, some poor quality brand of baby wipes components will hurt the baby, so the parents in the selection should pay attention to product labels to add the ingredients, if the label fuzzy or component does not fit, do not buy. In addition, can also pay attention to baby wipes evaluation and the evaluation, to obtain information from a baby wipes.
    Note: details of the two seal
    Buy baby wipes, but also the product packaging and sealing. Bagged wipes packaging should be sealed, shall not be damaged; boxes and canned wipes packaging should be complete, no damage. Once the packing seal is poor or damaged, bacteria will further wipes, effective sterilization and disinfection effect of high wet wipes. Also take use of wipes, immediately posted a good seal, in order to avoid heat or direct sunlight, resulting in wipes drying affect the use effect.
    Details of the three: pay attention to touch and smell
    Different brands of baby wipes are of great difference in feel and smell. Some wipes very dense, some very soft, some fragrant smell some basic not what. Mother suggested choose soft thick baby wipes, not easy to scratch or leave debris; no fragrance of baby wipes, so the wipes add less component on the baby's stimulus is less.
    Details of the four: the thickness of baby wipes
    Wipes the thickness is wet wipes and the quality standard of judgment, usually think thick wipes feel better, use strong and thin wipes used in the process is easy to tear, affecting the cleaning ability. The thickness of the wipes test, we take the observation and feeling to judge.
    Details of the five: the quality of the products
    The quality of the products is not only refers to the net weight of single wipes that also includes wipes paper weight, moisture content and additive weight etc.. Can first weighing just remove the baby wipes see single chip quality, then wipes drying after weighing, it is concluded that wipes moisture data. Since each wipes specifications, so at the beginning of this data can only be slightly that wipes the connotation is rich or not and measurement method is rough, data only as a reference.
    Details of the six: wear resistance products
    Baby wipes to wear, can play a good cleaning effect, the baby's skin irritation much less. You can use the following test methods: wipes in a plane 70 wipes, wipes the surface contrast degree of pilling. After the use of the wipes if there is no obvious fluff surface, which can be considered the better quality.
    Details of the seven: moisturizing products
    Moisturizing type improper refers to the baby wipes the water content, good baby wipes to wipe after but also on the skin leaving a layer of protective film to protect the baby if the tender skin. Test method: firstly, to measure dry under the skin on the dorsum of the humidity, use wet towel to wipe the back of the hand, were tested for 5 minutes, 30 minutes after the dorsum of the humidity. If 30 minutes after wetting back good, think that this brand of baby wipes moisture better.
    Details of the eight: focus on product information
    Before the purchase should pay attention to information through the baby products. Including the production date, manufacturer, address, telephone number, shelf life, effective components, production batch number, hygiene license number, executive health standards, instructions for use and the matters needing attention. They can also understand the product quality and credibility from the side. If it is found that the product information is unknown or intentionally vague, do not buy.
    Details of the nine: pay attention to product specifications
    Product specifications baby wipes refers to the length and width of single wipes. For consumers, the same price, wipes the area is, of course, the bigger the cost-effective, therefore, can pay attention to this aspect of information, enhance the product price.
    Details of the ten: pay attention to stimulating
    My mother must be careful not to use direct eyes, baby wipes Sassafras middle ear and mucosa. If the use of baby wipes, baby skin appear redness, itching, and other symptoms, should immediately stop using, serious should be to the hospital emergency room, and need to assess the baby skin of baby wipes are tolerant to stimulation of, and then decide whether to choose other brands of baby wipes.

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