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    How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of wipes

    January 14, 2016

    1. Take the wet wipes to the nose and gently smell. The good quality wipes have a gentle and elegant smell, because it has no any irritant. If it is a package of bad wipes, it smells obviously bad.
    2. The good quality woman wipes used the high-quality raw materials, we can see the non-woven fabrics white without any impurities. While the poor quality wipes use poor raw materials ,and we can see there are obvious impurities. High quality wipes will not easily fluff , while the poor wet fluffs obviously in use.
    3. When you take out wipes, and it has already had a mildew or has had mildew spot, don't use it. Or when using it, you feel skin irritation, more itching or pain, imediately stop using it so as not to cause greater harm.
    4.Carefully check the product endorsement, choose a product of a formal manufacturers with detailed manufacture site, telephone service, health standards, enterprise standards and related health departments record number.
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