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    Wipes Why rating?

    January 14, 2016

    Infant baby wipes are a family of essential goods indispensable. 50 years ago, people might just wipes out a quick cleaning tool skin, but now it is becoming a daily necessity. National "double-effect journal" "Science Daily Chemicals' 2013 Annual text introduced by 2012 infant wipes market capacity reached 14.65 billion; domestic each year about 2000 to 30 million babies are born. Based on projections, then every newborn infant to use two wipes per day. Visible now use wipes are much larger. But still need to pay attention to safety.

    Some time ago, Shanghai Consumer Protection Committee wipes on the market dozens of products for testing, and published the relevant results, which is one of the conclusions: 50 wet wipes in the sample 21 detected preservative CIT, the detection rate 42%. After that, many media also similar "toxic wet tissue is exposed", "burn-containing composition" and to spread reports. Many mothers heard "preservative" these three words soon bristle, but in fact, cosmetic products, the preservative is very important to add ingredients, following flushable wipes manufacturers - Hangzhou Bangyi Commodity Science and Technology Ltd. is under content related to preservatives.

    Real unqualified wet wipes, first pull the black is the total number of bacterial colonies than the standard product. This, but see less media coverage. MIT (methylisothiazolinone) and CIT (methyl chloride isothiazolin-one), is that the time it was detected two preservatives. In the cosmetics industry friends all know that these two substances is actually quite common. In cosmetics, preservatives requirements are also different. A routine is applied to the skin of a variety of beauty, skin care products, such as sunscreen and so on. The user's skin in contact almost every day these products, contact with more than a dozen hours a day, so the composition of the security requirements are relatively high. Like shampoo and similar brief contact rinse products, the loose some. Why should regulate the use of CIT and MIT rule in cosmetics? This is scary news "burn" or "toxic" has little, because in cosmetics in the range of concentrations normally used is not up to the injury. The most important risk is the risk of skin allergies, but unfortunately this report has very serious flaws, is not publicized the content of each product in the CIT is the number, so we can not understand what the product is really a problem. There may be some manufacturers intentionally added in the product ingredients to CIT corrosion, it may also be mixed with some production processes very small amount of CIT, but is accidental injury.

    Therefore wipes need ratings.

    Ke excellent rating wipes Description: Grading developed by the German professional team, referring to the Chinese, the European Union has been the World Health Organization and other authoritative standards, may be higher than China and the European Union standards, the quality of products put forward higher requirements.

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