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    Talent recruitment

    To meet the needs of customers with stable quality, in order to continue to improve the shape of the international well-known

    QIMEI daily necessities, look forward to your joining...

    The use of talent is no longer seniority, human Yin Ren, everywhere on the success or failure of a hero, always adhere to the competition mechanism of survival of the fittest

    Education requirements: Diploma requirement college or above level

    Professional requirements: CET-4

    Professional categories: foreign trade

    Working property: full time

    Recruitment target: unlimited

    Gender requirements: unlimited

    Age requirement: At the age of 25-45

    Recruitment number: 2

    Working area: HaiNing, JiaXing, ZheJiang province

    Personnel requirements:

    Our company professionally produce wet wipes, so those who have related working experience are prior. Only Sundays are off, and the accomodations are available.The wage will contain basic salary plus commission. You can also begin with merchandising. The monthly wage is 2500 basic,and the merchandising commission will be 0.5%. And the merchadising can begun at the very beginning you enter the company,and the beginning monthly wage is about 3000-4500RMB.

    Institutions like the benefits of a broad development platform:

    Social insurance + year-end bonus
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