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    Talent recruitment

    To meet the needs of customers with stable quality, in order to continue to improve the shape of the international well-known

    QIMEI daily necessities, look forward to your joining...

    The use of talent is no longer seniority, human Yin Ren, everywhere on the success or failure of a hero, always adhere to the competition mechanism of survival of the fittest

    Education requirements: Diploma requirement college or above level

    Professional requirements: unlimited

    Professional categories: unlimited

    Working property: full time

    Recruitment target: unlimited

    Gender requirements: unlimited

    Age requirement: At the age of 25-50

    Recruitment number: 1

    Working area: HaiNing, JiaXing, ZheJiang province

    Personnel requirements:

    The married and baby-born men/women are prior. The working time follows the workshop’s. The working timetable now is(8a.m.-9p.m.) work 6 days and a day off in a week. Mainly take charge of warehouse,goods delivery,sorting and make accounts. In the qualifying period, the wage will be 3500RMB in the two qualifying months . After being qualified, the average wage is 3800RMB per month with free meals.

    Institutions like the benefits of a broad development platform:

    Social insurance + year-end bonus
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