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    Production facility

    Creativity is the spirit of an enterprise.The Product development, innovation and quality is the impetus for an enterprise to maintain its prosperity and create its brand value. Zhejiang Qimei Commodities co.,ltd, based on a strict requirement in quality and a modernized mode in management, has become a leading supplier in the domestic wet wipes industry. Since the foundation,we have been providing effective product solutions and production support services for OEM&ODM to many huge international enterprises in European countries like(the UK, France,Greece, Switzerland etc.), Australia,South Afica and so on. Besides ,we can follow the new trend of products in highest speed. At present ,we have got 6 large automatic wet wipes production lines for 80pieces of paper,6 small automatic wet wipes production lines for 25-50pieces,2 production lines for single pieces,a buckets-filled wet wipes production line for 50-150pieces and a hand-made wet wipes production line. The wraps for wet wipes are diverse with computers to control all the parameters and automatically eliminate the defective ones.The folding shapes include Z type, Z type halves-folded, Z type draws,W type+draws, Wtype draws,break points draws and etc. Our company have not only greatly saved human resources by improving facilities, but also reduced mistakes in production and improved product quality with high automatic skills. Meanwhile, set up more values for customers' brands.

    Production workshop

    Production workshop

    Production workshop

    Production workshop

    Production workshop

    Production workshop

    Production workshop

    Production workshop

    Production workshop

    Technology R & D

    Qimei R&D centre undertakes the important tasks of the development, effect-testing and stability monitoringof all solution formulas. The technology R&D center has a pH meter, sealing tester, electronic precision balance weighing instrument, clean bench, biochemical incubator, electric blast drying box, microscope, digital fabric thickness meter, ultraviolet analyzer. eppendof , the metal detector and the like advanced equipments . With a strict control in quality and continuous innovation in products, the company's products have won a wide trust of domestic and foreign customers . The products developed by R & D team will have to get through an inspection from the health department of Zhejiang Province, the provincial health center, and the provincial Health Supervision Institute,and be in full compliance with national products standards "Hygienic standard for disposable sanitary products". The company passed the European retail license and BRC authetication, ISO22716 (GMPC), ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, which lays a solid foundation for our production in the European market.

    Technical department organization chart

    EDI Water Treatment System

    EDI,also called CDI or CEDI, is a new born technique in the 1980s. The system ,widely used in Europe and the United States and other countries, marked the water treatment industry fully entered the ranks of the green industry, and became the ultra pure water market. The whole set of EDI water treatment system is automatically controlled by computers, and pipes are made of SUS316L stainless steel, going through 7 filtering procedures,so the terminal water quality achieved the level of purification. EDI water process avoids the use of acid and alkali to solve the acid and alkali consumption, and dispose the regeneration of chemical waste liquid. The system can continuously produce high-quality ultra pure water, and water quality reaches to1-18MΩ.cm. Therefore, we can provide guarantee to the quality of the products

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    Quality control flow chart

    Biochemical incubator(testing product stability)

    Product pH value measured pH

    Sealing tester(testing product wrap sealing)

    Product packaging sealing test "

    Electronic precision weighing instrument(test the product weight)

    Product weight measurement

    Clean bench(microbial cultivation on products)

    Microbial culture products

    Biochemical incubator(testing product stability)

    Stability test

    Electric constant temperature drying box


    Microscope( observing microbes )

    Microbial observation

    Digital fabric thickness meter(testing the thickness of non-woven fabrics )

    Detection of non-woven material thickness

    Ultraviolet analyzer(testing phosphor agent in non-woven fabrics )

    Non-woven raw material fluorescence detection

    Eppendof (testing bactericide contents)

    Fungicide liquid content test

    The metal detector


    Biochemical incubator


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